In the countless hours I spent researching for Honey Girl, I became familiar, too familiar, with the details of the Vietnam War. It was the 70’s, a time of angst for those serving our country.

During my Junior High days at Paul Revere, I wore a copper POW bracelet in support of Mrs. Chambers, my homeroom teacher’s son, who was fighting in Vietnam. I can still remember the day she told us that he had been taken prisoner, and I can picture the look of relief and devastated worry on her face as she tried to explain what that meant to a bunch of 7th graders.

It felt so good to be able to do something for him by wearing that copper bracelet with his name and rank on it.

Thankfully, her son was eventually released. But I never truly celebrated the men that returned and the many that did not. So it’s with great honor and respect I do so today.

A little piece of Honey Girl trivia: did you know Steve Miller wrote this song for all of his friends who were coming home from Vietnam?

Thank you to all those who have served our country and are serving today. And of course to their families as well. You are important and inspiring.