“A little splash…”

24th August, 2017

Recently I participated in Dolphin Quest on Oahu to support the beautiful animals they maintain and keep so well. It was an honor to be among them and I was grateful for the opportunity. Having said that, this is what’s called a set up… The …

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Eclipse Summer

16th August, 2017

Hang on tight Honey Girls; this month’s astrology is as wild as the waves at State. You’ve probably heard people complain about Mercury retrograde, which is often blamed for communication and technology breakdowns. Mercury’s backspin began August 12th and will last until September 5th, but …

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Monday Night Book Club

9th September, 2016

Hi everyone! I have news from the Honey Girl world… This fall I’ll be hosting a weekly book club on YouNow. Every Monday at 6pm PST I’ll talk with all of you about our favorite books of the season. Our first book will be the controversially reviewed Harry Potter and …

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Happy Book Birthday, Honey Girl

17th March, 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since my debut novel Honey Girl was published. I’m so grateful…

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